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Introducing International Public Affairs Simulation Software to Promote Reform and Innovation of Teaching Model

On May 26, 2018, the CLSG Global Affairs College Student Simulation Competition was successfully held by the School of Public Administration. This competition is an innovative attempt of our School to promote the reform of teaching methods. In collaboration with the Center for Leadership Simulation and Gaming of University of Virginia, Professor Wang Qing introduced global public affairs decision-making simulation software into her course Cross-cultural Management. Eighty-five students from all majors of the university that formed 18 teams participated in the competition. The students achieved excellent results in the competition.

On June 7, the School of Public Administration held the 2018 CLSG Global Affairs College Student Simulation Competition Award Ceremony. Professor Fan Libo, Dean of the School of Public Administration, presented the award certificates to the winners and encouraged the students to take a step further to carry forward the spirit of hard working and perseverance in their future study. The student representative delivered a speech at the ceremony to share the gains and feelings in this competition.

The software named “global public health crisis management simulation decision-making software” used in this competition was designed by the Center for Leadership Simulation and Gaming of University of Virginia. The scientific simulation decision-making software helps students do data analysis, make scientific decision-making, solve practical problems, and train students in systematic thinking and rapid reaction ability in crisis situation.

The popularization of simulation teaching model conforms to the trend of informationization of global public affairs management, embodies the spirit of reform, innovation, openness and application in teaching, respects students’ principal position in learning, and gives full play to students’ enthusiasm and subjective initiative in learning, which is of great significance to cultivate innovative global affairs managers.