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School of Public Administration Hosts Forum on the Gains of Overseas Scholar Exchange

In the first half of 2017, the School of Public Administration held a two-period forum of overseas on Teacher’s Gains of Overseas Scholar Exchange at the room 631 of Ningyuan Building. The forum was hosted by Prof. Shuwen Wang, vice president of the Institute of Scientific Research.

Lei Guo, Huiying Wang, Qing Wang, Wenjie Wang, Changsong Wang's Gains of Overseas Scholar Exchange

Professor Lei Guo themed One Year in Cambridge, while Huiying Wang Scholar Exchange Experience in the United States - Teaching and Scientific Research. Qing Wang made a theme of Experience Sharing of visiting in America - Working and Living with poems and dreams, while Wenjie Wang Comparisons between American and Chinese Library. Changsong Wang centered on Report on Visiting in Berkeley. The five teachers shared their gains and feelings in overseas studying as well as language-oriented approaches in domestic and foreign university classes with their fruitful and tight visiting experience. The teachers believed that the purpose of the visit is learning. Each of them can make full use of various resource during the visit to study hard, actively participate in classroom teaching, cooperative research and join in various academic activities such as academic conferences to enhance their own abilities. Meanwhile, they all unanimously stated that they could study the western society more comprehensively and objectively while increasing their devotion to our own country after studying abroad.

At the end of the event, Prof. Shuwen Wang, the deputy dean, made a concluding speech and expressed sincere gratitude to all the teachers for their enthusiastic sharing. At the same time, he also hoped that there would be more outstanding teachers to study abroad in the School and promote the internationalization of the teaching and research of the School.