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The school of Public Management work with Rui Treasury Global Governance Research Institute to intellectually support the facilitation of customs clearance.

In May 25, 2017, the China News Agency published a report entitled Li Keqiang's Deployment of Integrated National Customs Clearance to Further Open Up to the Outside World(hereinafter referred to as The Report), which announced the decision of the State Council Meeting, that is, to  further promote the integration of customs clearance throughout the country by speeding up the construction of a single window in international trade, deep coordination and joint administration and the continued removal of the unreasonable charges in port.

The report cited the relevant contents of the Annual Report on China's Trade Facilitation (2016), which was published by the University of International Business and Economics School of public administration and the Center for Trade Safety and Facilitation of Beijing Rui Treasury at the end of 2016, mirroring the influence of the report. In accordance with the obligations of trade facilitation in the WTO agreement on it, the report reviewed its implementation in China and can objectively and impartially reflect the status and progress of China's trade facilitation to provide the basic information and direction for China's better implementation of the agreement.

In recent years, the team of Customs Clearance Facilitation in the School of Public Administration has provided numerous intellectual supports for the reform and implementation of the Trade Facilitation Agreement in China. The research report of The Five Issues to Be resolved in the Construction of Single Window, written by Professor Xinsheng Cui in 2015,was submitted to the central leadership by the Xinhua News Agency’s Economic Analysis Report for Central Leadership , which is highly recognized and approved by the vice premier of the State Council. the Team  carried out a survey on the trade facilitation of 31 provinces, cities and autonomous regions in China and published the Survey Report on Trade Facilitation between China Provinces 2016.  They also participated in the publication of of the Interpretation of Trade Facilitation Agreement with the headship of the Bureau of International Cooperation of General Administration of Customs and also contributed a number of articles to it. This team, together with Guangdong branch of the General Administration of Customs, published the Research on the Performance of Trade Facilitation in the Free Trade Experimental Area China (Guangdong); Authorized by the International Road Union, they released the Analysis Report on Releasing the Transport Potential of International Road to Service the Belt and Road Initiative -- the proactive effects of International Road Transport System on the Trade Flow of China and the countries along the One Belt and One Road.