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Delegation from J. Mack Robinson College of Business of Georgia State University Visited SPA

In the afternoon of 8th June, 2016, Dr. Karen Loch and Dr. Penny Prime from Georgia State University delegated 15 graduate students to visit our school and launched academic exchange activity. Dr. Zou Weikang, teacher of School of Public Administration, had a cordial meeting with the guests. 15 graduate students from our school joined this activity with the lead of Dr. Zou.


This academic discussion on KFC’s Radical Approach to China was done among students from both China and the U.S. Before the academic discussion Dr. Zou Weikang indicated that he was willing to see that students from China and the U.S. could break the national boundaries, and formed “mixture” group to take part in the case discussion. Students from our school took the initiative to talk with American students, warmly invited them to join their group, and finally the activity was implemented in the form of two rounds discussion among five groups.
Before the discussion Dr. Karen of Georgia State University made a simple analysis on “the radical strategy of KFC entering Chinese market”---the background of this discussion, and she would like the students to analyze the reasons of KFC’s development and growth in China with “the different development modes of KFC in China and the U.S. and the different attitudes of students from China and the U.S. towards KFC’s products” as the breakthrough point. The case discussion was done in two rounds: in the first round of discussion, every group sent two delegates to conclude the group’s opinions, and the delegates expounded their points based on their actual living experiences in the past year, including their reasons of consuming in KFC, times of consuming in KFC, and contents of consumption. In the second round of discussion, the groups discussed the following aspects: “whether KFC needs to be Sinicized or return to be Americanized”, “how to provide more targeted services to service objects”, “how to learn successful lessons from other brands”. After the discussion, students put forward that KFC needs to “focus more on food health, and launch healthy recipe”, “WeChat platform needs to be used to facilitate the consumers to order”, which won agreement from teachers and other group members.

At last, Dr. Zou summarized this case discussion: he believed that students made wonderful statements, and encouraged students to adopt the open and free communication pattern, and he also pointed out that students can also consider the development of KFC from the perspectives of products logistics, online ordering, establish business relations, and so on. Students from both China and the U.S believed that they benefited a lot from this case discussion.

J. Mack Robinson College of Business is the biggest business school in southern America, whose study fields include accounting, finance, risk management, and so on, besides international business, strategy, and marketing. International business is the most internationalized subject, which has different levels of cooperation with high-level universities all over the world. J. Mack Robinson College of Business is the business school with the most international business research center and international business researchers. Dr. Karen Loch hopes that J. Mack Robinson College of Business and Schools of Public Administration can take the lead in launching scientific research cooperation, teachers and students’ exchanges, talents training, and other cooperation projects.


After the case discussion graduate representative from UIBE guided the delegation from J. Mack Robinson College of Business to visit the campus. The two parties exchanged contact information, and took a group photo to mark the occasion.