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International Forum “Solutions To Social Innovation, Responsibility And Social Problem”

On May 28, 2016, the international forum “Solutions to Social Innovation, Responsibility and Social Problem”, organized by School of Public Administration (SPA), UIBE, was successfully held at Council Meeting Room, Keyan Building.

The following people were invited to attend the forum: Hilton Root, Professor of George Mason University, Noh Hee Jin, Executive Supervisor of Korean Exchange, Wang Liyan, Professor of Guanghua School of Management, Peking University, Zhao Xinliang, Director of Beijing Haidian Overseas Students Pioneer Park, Bai Chengyu, Secretory of China Association of Microfinance, Wang Meng, Researcher of International Innovation Research Center of Peking University, Song Houliang, Chief Editor of China Philanthropist, Luo Laijun, Researcher of National Development and Strategy Institute of Renmin University of China, Lu Jingkai, Vice President of Yifang Foundation, Yi Hui, Founder and Secretory of JR Coffee, and Huang Shunkui, Post-doctor of Guanghua School of Management, Peking University. The forum was chaired by Dr. Jin Renxian from SPA.

Fan Libo, President of SPA delivered an open speech. He pointed out that as the cross field of economics and sociology, the issue of social innovation and sustainable development was the objective requirement for diversity and social governance innovation when the economic society developed to a certain level. The forum just fit this important background and would be an academic thoughts feast.

This international forum was divided into two sub-forums. Prof. Hilton Root, Director Zhao Xinliang, Researcher Luo Laijun, and Post-Doctor Huang Shunkui, taking “Government’s Function In Promoting Social Innovation And Sustainable Development” as the topic, respectively shared their views in various fields, including “Government’s Role In Promoting Social Innovation And Sustainable Development”, “Social Innovation And Social Value”, “Supply Side Structural Reforms And Livelihood Problems In China”, “Experience Of Farming Industry Anti-Poverty Under China Precision Poverty Alleviation”, etc. Supervisor Noh Hee Jin, Prof. Wang Liyan, Secretory Bai Chengyu, and other experts, with the topic of “How The Market Promotes Social Sustainable Development Through Social Innovation”, combined their own research expertise to deliver a speech, such as “Social Innovation In Normal Finance Field”, “Re-Balance The Stakeholders In The Process Of Innovation” “Theory And Practice Of Chinese Crowd-Funding”, etc.

Experts, scholars and managers from domestic and foreign colleges and universities, academic institutions, governments, corporate, international organizations and so on attended this forum to discuss the innovation model, path and future of society governance around the topic of combining the sustainable development of Chinese economy, government and social capital to solve social problems. It not only put up with specific path for SPA to enhance society governance and corporate social responsibility research, but also meant a lot to take innovation model of society governance and sustainable development into practice internationally.