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Prof Fan Libo, President of SPA, Delivered A Lecture On Graduate Thesis Writing

In order to improve the quality and level of graduate thesis writing, standardize its writing methods and requirements, and broaden research thoughts and methods, the 7th graduate academic salon of School of Public Administration (“SPA”) was held successfully at Room 630, Ningyuan Building at 1:30pm on May 24. The activity invited Prof. Fan Libo, President of SPA as the speaking guest with the topic of “Thesis Writing And Research Methods”. All 2015th Masters of Science and some 2016th freshmen attended the salon, which was chaired by Tan Yu, graduate adviser.

Prof. Fan Libo made in-depth exploration with students on scientific research paradigm, research methods, standard and basic requirements of dissertation, and analyzed on how to select subject and how to build concept and theoretical framework model by combining their own research direction. He pointed out that graduate student should do research and that the knowledge structure of graduate student was the combination of cognitive knowledge, expertise and practice. Graduate thesis, as the result of a long-term study and research, was a test to learning ability and innovation ability of graduate students. When it came to research paradigm and research methods, Prof. Fan thought that the students should make it clear the concept of them and take scientific projects as their research categories. He emphasized that writing thesis was not like the text book which used concept to define concept, but meet two basic requirements, that were standard and innovation. As to the thesis writing model, he made a specific introduction of “3 paragraphs and 9 points” and vividly described the rules of thesis writing. In his opinion, thesis writing should find a better view and tell a better story to change people’s behavior.


Prof. Fan explained profound theories in simple and humorous language. His remarkable knowledge and vivid cases won warm applause from the students. At the same time, the students also learned his rigorous academic attitude and said they got to understand the standard and skills of thesis writing and benefited a lot.   

At last, Adviser Tan Yu made a summary of the activity. He thought the explanation by Prof. Fan was comprehensive and provided important thought in thesis writing for students, that was starting from 3 aspects and 9 points. He believed this activity was helpful to dissertation proposal and real research methods and thoughts. Tan Yu also hoped that the students could take advantage of the content of the activity in the future thesis writing and made more communication with President Fan.

Since the first SPA academic salon for graduate students in December, 2014, the diversified and practical activity and topics aroused deep thinking of students and motivated research and discussion enthusiasm, so as to enhance academic atmosphere and level. The quality and quantity of graduate thesis publishing were getting better yearly, and A-Level, B-Level and C-Level journal articles were growing. On the one hand, these activities focused on building scientific research hatching system for graduate students with school characteristics, on the other hand, they would take the full advantage of important function of graduate students work to the School subject building and talent development, pushing forward the good interaction between courses and academic researches.