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Thesis Defense of 2016th Academic Masters of SPA Ended Successfully

From May 16 to May 23, School of Public Administration (“SPA”) organized 5 thesis defense, which included 45 academic masters from 5 different majors. Several days ago, the graduation thesis defense of this year ended successfully.

On the defense day, students prepared patiently in the classroom one hour ahead of the time, waiting the last exam in their graduate student time. Before the defense, they had already gone through several stages, including thesis proposal, first draft submission, final draft submission, similarity detection, double blind review, thesis review, etc. All the processes were linked with each other. Any problems in any process would lead to failure to attend the defense. During the defense, the students strictly followed the defense process, briefly showed the background of topic selection, main content, research method, innovation and shortcomings of the thesis to the defense committee by PPT, and made a live presentation by combining their major at the same time.

Each defense committee proposed professional and deep questions about the content, structure, research results and writing standard of thesis, and all the students needed to answer the questions on the spot. Their concise and accurate answers were praised by teachers basically, even with some problems.

Then, defense committee made a group discussion on the comprehensive test and examine on the quality of the students from the aspects of research value of topic selection, thesis writing quality, thesis writing standard, academic research ability, preliminary research results and defense situation, and then they published the defense grades on the spot. The basic characteristics of the thesis defense of this year were as follows: 1) control the process strictly and avoid simply result orientation. The School carried out 100% off-campus expert double blind review for all the defense thesis. Students who failed to pass the double blind review couldn’t attend the official defense. 2) promote innovation strongly and initiate the selection of best thesis of school. With great support of leaders, our School started the selection of best thesis of the School, one condition of which was getting the recommendation from the defense committee. Each of the 5 defense committee recommended 1 excellent thesis and the chairman of defense committee filled in Defense Committee’s Resolution On Best Master Thesis Recommendation. 3) fulfill set process and keep information transparent. According to the requirements of School of Graduates, the whole defense process must be put online so that students can get defense information in time. The SPA met the requirements and put the defense review results, defense arrangement and defense results on the OA system and keep the information symmetrical. 4) make preparation and maintain the solemnity and dignity of the defense. The graduate teaching office of SPA prepared banner, table tags, defense rules and so on, and reminded teachers and students to dress formally, making all the teachers and students feel solemnity and dignity of the defense.

In general, the atmosphere of the defense was anxious, warm, comfortable and harmonious. Owing to the support of School leaders, coordination of defense committee and preparation of graduate teaching office of SPA, this master thesis defense ended successfully, and all graduate students passed the defense. Actually the graduation thesis defense was not only a process to gain knowledge, communicate ideas and carry on academic exchange, but also a test of the ability of oral expression, resistance to compression, adaption and rapid response of the graduate students. Other attending graduate students expressed that this defense provided a lot of references from various aspects so that they learned the experience and inspiration in advance for their thesis writing and defense preparation.

Graduation is an interim victory in the lifetime, which is the ending but also a new starting point. It’s hoped that all graduate students can keep ambitious and aggressive in the future work and study, contentiously practice their skills and ability, and make their own contribution to the SPA, UIBE and the society.