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An Academic Report by Researcher Bao Jing, Agency President of

On April 21, 2016, Researcher Bao Jing, Agency President and chief editor of <China Public Administration> was invited by School of Public Administration to make a speech of “Global Governance and the Development of Public Administration ”. Lectures and graduates from the school attended the seminar.

Researcher Bao started her speech with “the relation between global governance and producer reform”, and reviewed the development of public administration subject, analyzed obstacles of subject development and indicated the future development of the subject. She also explained thoroughly about topic selecting, methods, analyzing and writing standards of academic articles. During the speech, applause came up again and again. Attendees benefited a lot from the speech.

Researcher Bao has been working in Administration Management Society since 1989. She is Vice Secretary General of Administration Management Society, as well as Agency President and chief editor of <China Public Administration>. At the same time, she is also the executive member of Political Science Society of China, and standing council member and Vice Secretary General of China Women’s Research Society. Since graduating from Peking University with her doctoral degree, Researcher Bao has always focused on researches on human resources and gender study. She hosted and took part in more than 10 national social science found projects and national scientific researches. Besides, she is among the first leading talents of Beijing press and publications. Administration Management Society and its <China Public Administration> have given irreplaceable supports to the development of China’s public administration subject.