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A Speech From Li Zhijun, Chief Editor of Management World

On April 28, 2016, researcher Li Zhijun, chief editor of <Management world> periodical office, was invited to Ning Yuan building to make a speech for lecturers and students from School of Public Administration. His speech was titled <A Few Issues About Public Policy Evaluation >. Some lectures and graduates from the school attended this seminar.

The speech started with the question of “why policy evaluation is necessary”, and introduced some basic concepts of policy evaluation, experience and practices in other countries, and the current status and problems of China’s policy evaluation. He also analyzed the role and function of Think Tanks. In the way of case study, the speech analyzed problems in policy making of China and successful examples. He also emphasized the importance of think tanks. Think tanks are not involved in profits issues, so they can better take care of the benefits of the people and the country and keep loyal. The speech showed researcher Li’s profound academic knowledge, broad vision and clear mind, which delivered to attendees the top academic information and pointed out the new academic direction. The vivid speech and interactions between the speaker and audiences won applauses.