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The First Session Award Ceremony of “Looking for the Model People in Public Administration Around ”

On April 26, 2016, the first session award ceremony of “Looking for the Model People in Public Administration Around You” was held at the International Conference Room of Cheng Xin Building. 9 individuals and teams were selected by several rounds of assessments, and were awarded the honor of “Model of Public Administration”. Dean Fan Libo of School of Public Administration, Party Secretary Teng Yun, Deputy Party Secretary Lei Liang, Branch Youth League Committee Secretary Wang Yiran and graduates instructor Tan Yu were invited to attend the ceremony, as well as representatives from undergraduates and graduates.

Thorough Preparing and Moral Education First
With “high moral values establishment and people cultivation” as the fundamental task of education, School of Public Administration held the first session of “Looking for the Model People in Public Administration around You”, and called for all the students to take part in. By three selecting ways of “self-recommendation, recommendation and interviews by the organization committee”, there were 17 candidates from 6 different grades selected to 6 types of “models”, which were “Model of Excellence”, “Model of Moral”, “Model of Study”, “Model of Scientific Research”, “Model of Working” and “Model of Practice”. There were four steps of assessment, which were on-line and off-line voting, judges scoring, final assessment by the committee and publicity in the school. Based on extensive selecting and fair assessment, 9 “Model of Public Administration” were finally elected.

During preparing, the organizing committee consisted of both teachers and students. They take moral as the principal evaluating standard. They set different types of model to encourage the selecting of all-around developed people. They got to know the candidates in varied way. And they made videos, pictures and articles to show the models charm.

Sharing in Various Forms
The main purpose of the ceremony is communication. First, hosts from undergraduates and graduates announced all types of elected models. Then video of the models were played, and Deputy Party Secretary Lei Liang made a prize-giving speech. Finally, models showed up on the stage, and shared with the audience about their growing experience and lessons learned.

Women’s volleyball team(team leader: Huang Xinmei, Team members: Li Zhe, Bai Jingjing, Guli Humaer, Han Ying, Qiu Qi, Wang Yiying, Libing, Rong Bingyu and Liu Zitong) from School of Public Administration won the honor of “Model of Moral”. They said that their secret of success was being fearless because of passion, friendship and concentration. Then the prize winner of “Model of Study” were Li Caiyue and Ma Qianli. Li Caiyue shared with the audience about her gains during college life. She said it was UIBE’s culture of freedom and internationalization that helped develop her into an international talent. Graduate Ma Qianli said his secrete was “knowledge accumulation”, and his supervisor gave the comments of “responsible and earnest”. Wang Youduo got the honor of “Model of Practice”. He shared with the audience about his teaching experience in Cambodia, which demonstrated “the soul of Chinese and the international vision” of UIBE people.

Qi Qi and Lu Huiyang were awarded “Model of Working” for their excellent student working. Qi Qi worked at “School Life Department” of the student union of the school, and now she is Executive Director of the Youth League Organization Department of UIBE. She was well thought by both teachers and students. Lu Huiyang has worked as the monitor of customs major 1301 class, team leader of the basketball team of the school and the department leader of Organization Department of the student union of the school. He said the most important thing was doing student work helped him grow and gain. Graduate Wang Yue was awarded the honor of “Model of Scientific Research” for his publishing an article every semester.

Undergraduates Wang Luyao and graduate Li Zhaonan were awarded the honor of “Model of Excellence”. Wang Luyao has worked in publicity department of both the school and the university, and at the same time, she has good scores in study. Li Zhaonan is the director of Social Practice and Academic Innovation Center, and he was once the chairman of student union of the school, deputy Youth League Secretary and the Volleyball Team Leader. In the video, his classmates think highly of him. He gave a speech as the representative of all the models, and he said through all of these experiences and gains, he now got a better understanding of the words “making progress together with classmates and growing up together with the collective”.

Growing up and Striving for the Dream of the Youth
Finally, Dean Fan gave a speech, and he quoted Shakespeare’s famous words  to encourage the students to live fully of their youth time.
After the ceremony, the school will write the models’ stories into the history of the school, and will hold more communications for them to share their experiences. It’s a good opportunity for students to learn from each other and to improve themselves. Like what Secretary Lei Liang said, “Maybe there are no shocking achievements from models, but their good moral and excellence will guide people around them to improve themselves”.

The power of the model students has injected much positive energy for the school, and we believe such power will be long lasting and will guide students of UIBE to be better and better in the future.