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A Friendly Match between the Customs Major Class of Grade 2015 and Undergraduates of SPA

On May 4th, 2016, a friendly football match was held between the customs major class of grade 2015 and undergraduates of School of Public Administration in celebration of Youth Day.

More than one hour’s fierce competition was ended with the victory of the customs class. Captain of customs team Song Chengming, also the Midfielder, showed excellent overall consciousness. He directed the team well and scored two goals. Forward Qiu Rui and center back Wang Feng were good at grasping opportunities, and both of them scored two goals. Substitute forward Liu Xiong scored a goal just when he took the field, which enabled the team finally won the game.

The match was supported a lot by Yu Baoqi, a teacher from MPA center of School of Public Administration. Under his help, Wang Xili, a monitor of the customs major class, contacted the football team of the school. They made much coordination about people, the match time and place, and finally the match was held successfully. On Youth Day, a special day for young people, the students sweat and fought, which demonstrated their vigor and showed the spirituality of civilized competing and friendly exchanges of School of Public Administration.

In this school-level friendly football match, the MPA customs major football team firstly stroke a pose on the stage, which was a good try for them to fit in the campus, and also a good start for MPA students to experience the campus culture. The football team broker Han Yan said that she would try to vary club activities, including football matches. In this way, students can enjoy their rich after-class time, and better understand the school concept.