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Liang Jincheng from General Administration of Customs Attended the MPA Celebrity Forum

On April 19, 2016, < MPA Celebrity Forum of UIBE> was held in Ning Yuan building. Deputy Director Liang Jincheng of the General Office of General Administration of Customs made a topic speech to all the customs MPA students of grade 2014. He comprehensively communicated and interpreted the annual national Customs Directors' Conference of 2016. The forum was hosted by Dean Fan Libo of School of Public Administration.

Director Liang is strategically equipped and has the broad view of senior leads. His speech was full of wisdom, benefiting the students a lot. He also put forwarded his own thoughts about how to do customs job well, and proposed five suggestions on theory-study, application, research and investigation, reform and innovation and implementation.

During the interaction of the forum, requested by the students, Director Liang, who was once chairman of graduation paper answering commission of customs MPA masters of UIBE, imparted his experiences in thesis writing without any reservation. During the three-hour speech, Director Liang spoke with fervor and assurance, explaining the profound in simple language. The attended students enjoyed the mental feast and the interactions between students and Director Liang.