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School of Public Administration Passed 2014 MPA Assessment

The State Council Academic Degree Committee had released the State Council Academic Degree Committee Notice of the Assessments on Academic Degree Accredited Units of 2014, informing School of Public Administration MPA degree successfully passed the assessments.

The School had commenced the preparations for the Assessments since October 2013 with elaborative plans set and laborious works done. The School launched series of academic exchanges on MPA education with peers including Remmin University, Minzu University of China and Peking University, to name a few, to share experiences and draft assessment-preparation schedule. Other practices had also been taken such as sending MPA lecturers for training, implementing dual-adviser system, employing NPO scholars, administrative officials and corporate administrators as off-campus advisers. Laborious efforts had also been made in collecting MPA education cases for case library building, learning case library experiences from the Harbin Institute of Technology, launching anonymous assessments on tutoring cases, standardizing MPA program, course titles and managements, organizing MPA Alumni Association parties, renewing the MPA joint training program agreement with the Training Center of General Administration of Customs. The whole School MPA team had worked around the clock for the upcoming assessments.

Without the close cooperation and laborious efforts of the team, such achievements could never be made. Now the whole MPA team of the School of Public Administration is on the way again, meeting new challenges, taking new mission – to pass the NASPAA Accreditation – a mission that combines greater challenges but also golden opportunities. 

MPA Assessments Schedule
Visit to the MPA Program School of Government of Peking University and MPA Education Center Office of the School of Public Administration and Policy of Renmin University for experiences exchanges and assessment preparation schedule drafting.

Drafting the MPA Check-in Management Approach of the School of Public Administration.
Holding the kick-off parties of MPA Alumni Association.
Renewing the joint training agreement with The Training Center of General Administration of Customs on Customs MPA jointly tutoring program.

Drafting the Trial Regulation on UIBE Off-campus Advisers for MPA Students
Drafting the Provision of MPA Academic Dissertation
Holding the Inauguration of MPA Off-campus Advisers and the Seminar on International Public Policies

Opening the MPA center page on School’s official page, improving the MPA online publicizing
Visiting the School of Public Administration of Minzu University of China, exchanging MPA educating and management experiences
Sending MPA lecturers for the faculty training held by the Education Committee
Opening four MPA classrooms in coordination with the Office of Education Administration and the Office of Classrooms and Meeting Rooms Regulation
Drafting the Standards of MPA Academic Dissertation Opening Report

Initiating the MPA Center Cases Library structuring and holding the workshop on MPA education

Inviting eight customs officials as the off-campus advisers of MPA Center

Formulating the Regulations on MPA Lecturers of the University of International Business and Economics

Formulating the MPA program plan according to the National MPA Education Steering Committee

The assessments preparation team was set, leading by UIBE President SHI Jianjun

The 40th annual anniversary of the School of Public Administration during which MPA part-time lecturers and off-campus advisers officially inaugurated
Formulating the documents for MPA assessments

Handing in the report and data for the UIBE MPA assessments

Anonymous assessments on cases of MPA lectures

Signing the agreements with Huangpu Customs on the Mutual Agreements on MPA Programs
The MPA degree authorization of the School of Public Administration of UIBE passed the 2014 MPA assessments