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School of Public Administration 2016 Master Degree Candidates Exams Completed

The two-day lasting 2016 master degree students’ entrance tests completed successfully. The tests were held from 25th to 26th March, with four teams testing 37 academic master candidates and 33 MPA applicants. All of the interviewers recognized the improvements of this year’s candidates’ performance, compared with that of last year’s.

On 26th, fifty-nine MPA candidates from customs participated the follow-up exams held by four interviewer teams. According to the mutual agreements between the School of Public Administration and the General Administration of Customs, Huangpu Customs, the chairmen of the interviewer teams were granted to QIU Yueling, the director of the National Education and Training Center of the General Administration of Customs of China (GACC), WANG Jun, the vice director of the Dept. of Policy and Legal Affairs of the GACC, LI Pin, the head of the Education Dept. of the National Education and Training Center of the GACC, and LIU Fang, the head of Huangpu Customs. The follow-up exams were held intensively and orderly, which were completed successfully at 04.00 pm. The success of the holding such a highly efficient interview could not be achieved without the joint efforts made by the faculty.

Every single part of the follow-up exams such as interviewer nomination, topic assigning, written exams and interviews were held in strict accordance with the standardized interview processes. During the follow-up exams, principles such as equality, justice, openness, and clear and reasonable standards were highlighted. Detailed instructions such as interview principles, process and the do’s and don’ts were given by Dean FAN Libo to all of the interviewers. The interviewers and staff were supervised throughout the whole follow-up exams, guaranteeing the equality and fairness of the exams.