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The CFTECEA Visited the School for Trade Facilitation Study Cooperation

On 16th March the China’s Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Enterprise Association (CFTECEA) vice chairman Mr. ZHENG Weidong and the General Affairs Dept. of the CFTECEA director ZHANG Biao visited the School of Public Administration (SPA), nurturing future cooperation on research of trade facilitation. Prof. LIN Guijun, the vice president of the UIBE, Prof. FAN Libo, the dean of the SPA and Lecturer. XU Chen, Lecturer. XU Wei who respectively heads the Dept. of Public Economics and the Dept. of Customs Administration attended the seminar.


Agreements were made on the importance of trade facilitation, cross-border e-commerce and global industrial chain which were vital for China’s transform from a nation with big trade volume to the one with both huge trade volume and strong trade capacity, and to achieve those goals multi-measures must be adopted such as taking advantage of trade associations and universities, jointly supporting the trade facilitation, strengthening the publicity of trade facilitation policies, collecting the difficulties hindering international trade enterprises when practicing trade facilitation and reporting them to the governments for resolutions, defending international trade enterprises’ rights and improving their international competitiveness. Consensuses were made on building normalized mechanism consisted of industrial associations, universities, enterprises and governments, based on the Greenway Trade Facilitation Research Center, with the purpose of conducting trade facilitation researches and practicing relative policies.

The cooperation framework and projects will be set soon, expecting to accelerate, deepen and expand the cooperation with significant research outcomes to be achieved.