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【Great News】The School of Public Administration Acquired NASPAA Membership

nformed by the Accreditation Committee of NASPAA on 20 January that the School has officially acquired the NASPAA membership, the accreditation progress has initiated.

According to the requirements the School will hand in self-assessment report by the end of August 2016. The COPRA assessment commission will launch the on-field investigation. At present the School authority has initiated the relative programs including strengthening MPA compulsory courses construction, according to the assessment requirements.

NASPAA(Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration) will improve the School’s competitiveness and reputation home and abroad, having great influence on the long term development of the School’s MPA education. This is also a golden opportunity for the School’s development. The faculty is expected to study the NASPAA accreditation process and requirements (please refer to the Special Coverage on NASPAA accreditation, volume 2, the Discipline Construction of the School of Public Administration). Your advices are valued!

MPA Education Centre, University of International Business and Economics
29 January 2016

NASPAA Accreditation Schedule
08-2015,formal application handed in
30-11-2015, Annual Date Report handed in, accreditation process initiated ;
20—01-2016,NASPAA membership officially acquired