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Veteran Teachers Reunited at New Year Symposium

Following the School’s principle of people orientation, respecting and inheriting tradition, concerning the livelihood of retired teachers, the veteran teachers New Year’s symposium was held at 09.30 of 22 January in Conference Hall 620 Ningyuan Building. Dean FAN Libo, the CPC branch principal TENG yun and eleven veteran teachers participated in the symposium which was headed by the dean.

The dean reported the past year’s challenges in various aspects such as education, discipline construction, researches, graduates job hunting etc. and illustrated the school’s future development plan. Based on the challenges and problems of the School, the dean wished the veteran teachers will continue to make contributions to the School’s development. 

Dean FAN Libo giving speech

TENG Yun gave sincere New Year wishes to the veteran teachers, thanking them for their consistent support for the School’s development and expecting to see their continuous involvement in School’s affairs and the cause of education. 

Veteran teachers giving speeches

Followed by the brief of School’s 2015 report and future working schedules, veteran teachers including TONG Haishan, LIU Yaowei, XIONG Ruitang, LIU Wenli, CHE Hongbo gave opinions respectively, thanking the School for holding the symposium and congratulating the outstanding achievements the School has made. The veteran teachers unanimously showed their passion and determination in continuously supporting the School’s development. Valuable suggestions had also been given during the symposium. 
Group photograph after the symposium

The atmosphere of the symposium was vivid and joyful, showing the hale and hearty spirit of the veteran teachers. The School will continue to hold similar symposiums or galas on every year’s Teachers’ Day or around the New Year’s Day, inheriting and promoting the tradition of respecting the elders.