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Undergraduate Program

Public administration major (Four-year Bachelor Degree of Management)

The professional directions of foreign affairs administration and foreign economic affairs management fell under the umbrella of public administration major.

Public administration major (foreign affairs administration direction) aims to develop specialized talents who are qualified for government's public administration, especially for foreign affairs administration, as well as who have expertise in administrative activities concerning foreign affairs. The students will develop strong foreign affairs management capability, excellent English language skill as well as strong language expression skills, and can carry out public administrations, especially in terms of foreign affairs administration, with the use of a variety of modern management methods and technique.

Public administrative major (foreign economic affairs management) aims to nurture inter-disciplinary specialized talents with broad international perspective, who have firm grasp of economic theory and methods, interdisciplinary knowledge, strong analytical skills and excellent English ability, coupled with strong knowledge application ability, sound professional skills, and adapting ability to economic and technological globalization, so as to be competent in implementing foreign economic affairs management in foreign economic affairs management departments in the government, state-owned enterprises, non-state-owned enterprises, trade associations, and chambers of commerce.

Customs administration major (Four-year Bachelor Degree of Management)

This major aims to improve students’ understanding on the laws, regulations, policies and specific clearance systems in China's foreign trade management, and to develop professional customs management talents who administrate according to the law, and specialized talents on import and export customs with good grasp of customs knowledge and business. English proficiency is one of the calibers of this major with the hope that students can deal with foreign business and international exchange activities with excellent English ability. The program aims at preparing students with economic and trade theory, and other basis customs clearance skills concerning customs supervision of import and export goods and articles, examination of estimated tax, customs inspection, and customs statistics.

Public utilities administration major (Cultural management) (Four-year Bachelor Degree of Management)

This major aims to nurture inter-disciplinary specialized talents with broad international perspective to understand the operating features and rules of cultural undertakings and cultural industries, who are also keen on knowledge concerning modern management, economics and law so as to engage in arts and cultural management, cultural management, cultural market operation, cultural project planning, cultural brokerage, trade and international cultural exchange and dissemination in cultural industry, media, or government departments.