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Lead With Characteristics & Improve Ability To Serve The Society

In order to develop a closer relationship among industry, university and research and improve the ability of university to serve the society, after full communication and negotiation, School of Public Administration (“SPA”), UIBE and Research Lab at Guangdong Branch of General Administration of Customs (“GAC”) agreed on a strategic cooperation. The signing ceremony was held at meeting room at Guangdong Branch of GAC on May 27, 2016, and Xu Weiwei, Deputy Secretory and Deputy Director of the branch attended the ceremony. Prof. Fan Libo, President of SPA and Li Kaiyi, Director of Research Lab of Guangdong Branch signed the agreement as representatives of both sides. Leaded by the cooperation framework, both parties would communicate and work with each other actively and take the full advantage of policy research and innovation practice leading of the branch, and the disciplines of UIBE in the field of customs management research.

In the morning of 27th, Prof. Fan Libo, Dr. Xu Chen and Dr. Wang Chunrui attended the seminar “Build A Custom Supervision Model To Fit Service Trade” organized by Guangdong Branch. Li Kuiwen, Deputy Director of Research Lab of Guangdong Branch, first made an introduction of the important meaning of service trade supervision and some theoretical problems in the practice. At the seminar, they mainly discussed the boundary of goods trade and service trade, service trade supervision, tax, statistics, etc. The attendees gave more attention to the rapid growth of service trade around the recent 10 years, and discussed other service trade issues related to research and development, import and export of cultural, movie and television products, productive service, multi model transportation, logistics, etc. Chongqing Customs, Nanjing Customs, Shenzhen Customs and other Customs respectively introduced the practical problems and solutions in the supervision process of service trade.

In the afternoon of 26th, President Fan Libo visited Huangpu Customs and made exchanges. Custom Director Chen Xiaoying, Li Zhen, Director of Documents Examine Office, Liu Fang, Director of Education Training Department respectively introduced the Huangpu Customs history, business work flow, systematic innovation, new solutions, etc., to them. Before that, Huangpu Customs signed cooperation agreement with SPA, which included 20 business backbones would study MPA project in UIBE every year.

           President Fan Libo met Alumni Chen Xiaoying, Director of Huangpu Customs

                                                           Agreement Signing