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Persistent Customs & SPA Spirit

Wang Beiqin, Alumni & “National March 8 Red-Banner Holders”

Wang Beiqin is the 2001th undergraduate of Customs Management major in School of Public Administration (“SPA”), and 2015th current Master student of Public Administration major. She works as Deputy Researcher in Intelligence Office, Anti-Smuggling Department, General Administration of Customs (“GAC”), wining individual third-class merits for three times and other honorary titles, such as “National Civilized Family of Five Virtues”, “National March 8 Red-Banner Holders”, etc.

                                                                     Alumni, Wang Beiqin

Forge Ahead With Determination, Explore Customs International Cooperation Fields

In 2001, Wang Beiqin worked at GAC after graduation from Customs Management Department, UIBE. Customs is a foreign-related department, especially the overseas cooperation in enforcement field. So Wang Beiqin, with good knowledge of English and customs, was assigned to international enforcement areas cooperation. This work was a relatively new filed at that time, and international enforcement cooperation offered a bright future for new anti-smuggling police. Wang Beiqin, taking advantage of various forces, continuously broadened international enforcement cooperation business with great ambition. At the end of 2003, Japanese customs handed over RILO/AP to Chinese customs. She participated in the whole process of arrangement and operation of the organization, helped RILO/AP to send monthly report to World Custom Organization (“WCO”), provide training to underdeveloped areas, organize and coordinate joint action (customs from many different countries work together to against smuggling), etc. She was the national liaison of China Custom during the 8 years when China customs undertook RILO. She leaded the whole team to work in international and regional enforcement cooperation, and made great endeavor in intelligence exchange, case investigation, organizing and participating joint action, which generated impressive results. The ten-year endeavor enabled greater rights of voice of China customs in enforcement field of WCO. With a higher international status of China customs, Wang Beiqin was selected as the Vice President of Enforcement Committee of WCO, on behalf of China, showing the confidence to the world.

Wang Beiqin said pushing forward the international enforcement cooperation was a very important part in world customs business, because only by realizing the comprehensive governance around the world, illegal and criminal actions including the cross-country and cross-border smuggling could be eradicated. Cross-country and cross-region smuggling was dangerous and hard sometimes, however, she has worked for international enforcement cooperation for 15 years. By enhancing internal and external communication and coordination, she linked the domestic enforcement and cross-border enforcement together to strike against cross-border smugglers efficiently and thoroughly, which was praised by leaders from all levels and head of department. In 2013, international enforcement cooperation set up an office, which worked with more than 60 countries and regions on developing enforcement cooperation.

Look Back & Appreciate Diversified Education In UIBE

When it came to UIBE, Wang Beiqin said life in UIBE helped her a lot to her work. Firstly, UIBE students focus on foreign language skills, which benefited her so much. Owing to the good English learning in UIBE, she was the translator for GAC leaders in crucial meetings for many times, and for Anti-Smuggling Department leaders, and she was the host of multilateral international meetings for over 10 times. During the school time, many literature of WCO were English and French. In order to study and understand the literature, she took French class as optional class and was sent to France to study with government sponsorship for 1 year after work. Therefore, she felt so comfortable when reading French literature during working in WCO. Secondly, the reason why she came back to UIBE to continue the study of MPA after 15-year work was that she wanted to improve the working experience she gained during the work to the theoretical level. Especially in recent years, with the continuous enhancement of World Regional Integration and the documents of various regional and international trade facilitation, Wang Beiqin thought more about the theoretical instruction of working with international organization and cross-border partners. The study of MPA in SPA broadened her views and helped her to study relative business in a more scientific method.

Wang Beiqin hoped that after graduation all UIBE students could remember that ambition come from the deep heart. So the earlier the students take advantage of school resources to develop the humane quality, the more help it will be in the future. Besides, students should understand and accept the fact that no work is easy, so they can face difficulties more comfortably.

Balance Family And Business, Keep Filial Piety In Mind

“During the lifetime, people need to solve 3 relations, that are relations between themselves and materials, other people, and themselves. When the relation between materials and themselves was contented, people will cherish more the relation between other people and themselves.” Wang Beiqin dealt with the relationship between work and family with a mind of contented. Just when she was married and started work, her mother-in-law was diagnosed with cancer, then her father-in-law. The newly born baby brought happiness and burden at that time, and she had to take care of all of them. Though it’s a hard time, she believed that the happy family was worth her efforts. She missed some promotion chance because of family issues, but she never regretted that she maintained the steady of the family and tried her best to fulfill the work responsibility at the same time.

Many people pay more attention to career than family, but Wang Beiqin thought after all family was the smallest cell of the society and that a life without family was pitiful. We should not only fulfill the work task diligently, but also always keep in mind how powerful the family is. “It’s great to work in a comfortable atmosphere and live a life without regrets” Wang Beiqin won a lot of support from leaders and colleagues during the selection of “National March 8 Red-Banner Holders”. Thanks to her good relationship with people, so she appreciated all the help along the way. Looking at Wang Beiqin rushing to attend the MPA class, we saw the common but sparkling SPA spirit on Customs workers.